Tuesday, March 24, 2009

He Who Soars With Eagles (?)

Do the words 'Šuŋgmánitu Tȟaŋka Ob'wačhi' mean anything to you?

Not likely. I had to look them up myself. They translate to 'dances with wolves' which probably sounds a lot more familiar. Ah yes, Kevin Costner and his multiple Academy Award-winning film. Kevin's character, Lieutenant Dunbar, was bestowed this name by his Sioux soul mates.

This got me thinking...(???)...what would my spiritual name be, if our First Nations community gave me one. Given my focus of late, I'd like to think that they'd call me 'He Who Soars With Eagles' for my photographic fascination with feathered flyers.

Maybe they'd cut the crap and call me 'He Who Stands On Bridge With Camera'?

What would they call you?

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