Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The View From Above

Last evening I took what I felt was my best image of the ' frozen deer on the lake' but I've decided not to post it today. Day after day of seeing a dead deer might not be too uplifting, though artistically the deer has been more than rewarding. The eagles feel the same way as they've pretty much moved to Cambridge-Narrows for the moment. They're even having their mail redirected.

Today I've posted another image taken from the bridge. At 7pm last evening I took this image, shooting into the western sun. It features open water on the right, a ridge of ice in the centre and snow/ice on the left. For me, the water has taken on very metallic characteristics, like aluminum foil or solder. There is warmth in the evening light yet it still feels cold and raw. My hands were freezing on the bridge while composing the image. There was a 'strong breeze' (according to the Beaufort Scale) coupled with below zero temperatures. The wind gave the water texture, without it the shot would not have been made.

Oddly enough I'm not yet sick of the cold as it's delivering opportunities that I won't get in the spring or summer. I'm sounding dangerously like an optimist!

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