Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Leisurologist Finally Retires

After 309 consecutive daily postings, and a smattering of after thoughts, this blog is officially done.

D.O.N.E. There will be no more postings.

The blog has been very generous to me. It has helped me to feel creative...a feeling that I crave. About fifteen years ago, when I used to paint, I was always saying that a day without feeling creative felt like a day wasted. Perhaps a bit harsh, but there was truth to my words. I wasn't kidding myself.

Writing a blog has given me creative license day after day, but it has also shackled me to the computer almost every morning. I don't particularly enjoy sitting in front of the computer as it feels very artificial to me. I don't think that I've evolved to live that life, so I'm happy to step back and let the sun illuminate my face, rather than the eerie blue light of the monitor.

The crater of creativity left by the absence of the blog is now being filled with the sound of music. Perhaps I'm being generous by calling my guitar strumming and picking 'music', but that's the direction in which I'm heading. I took up the guitar just over a year ago and I'm starting to take it seriously. I'm a slow learner but I'm committed.

Or should be.

Yes, my alter ego is still with me. Every time I screw up on the guitar, he's there to put me in my place.

You know, Ian, that Eagles song that you're working on sounds much better when you turn the amp down. It sounds okay when you set the volume at two, but even better at zero.

Now, I am going to take great pleasure in turning my alter ego down to zero, at least in print...

I'm outta here, and I'm taking him with me.


No buts. We're toast. Ta ta for now. And thank you, the readers, for reading and commenting. It's been greatly appreciated and inspirational.

That's it?

Well, not exactly. I'll be back with another asinine project. It's what I do...just you wait.


  1. Well ...
    The pleasure was all mine
    To read your mind
    Start with a B minor next time

  2. Sorry to see it go. The blog helped fan my Leisurologist spirit. Reflecting back, my favorite line was "What happens in Jemseg stays in Jemseg".
    To me it says it all...
    Good luck with the guitar...don't quit your day job!

    Dave K

  3. OH NO!!! more will I ever cope?!? My days will be so empty without your creative wit. Alas, nothing stays the same in this world.
    An IanVarty blogaholic

  4. Hey ... enjoyed the "wonderings of your mind"
    What about the "Village Idiot" nominations?

  5. It was a pleasure sir to see another side of you, or was that to read another side of you...anywho best of luck with any and all relaxing endeavors