Thursday, February 4, 2010

Has the Leisurologist Died?

The Leisurologist has not died, but the blog is on life support. My goal of writing the blog for 365 consecutive days died two weekends ago while traveling through New England without a computer. My passion for travel and snowboarding was the ultimate reason for the blog's demise, but shouldn't that be the way of the leisurologist?

So I was unable to keep the blog alive on consecutive days. I managed 309 posts in a row...not bad, but now what? Indeed, what to do? What to do?

I've love writing. I love photography. I love creativity. I crave inspiration.

I'm going to decide the blog's ultimate fate when I return home.

Currently I'm sitting in the gorgeous drawing room of a Montreal home listening to Bizet being played on a $90 000 Steinway grand, tickled by one of Canada's finest players. It's the piano being tickled, but I'm tickled to be listening.

Oh yes, I'm sipping some sort of wine/brandy mix...very nice. I'll be tasting Scotch shortly, I'm told. The leisurologist is alive and well, only my writing is suffering. Don't cry for me Argentina, Minto or Jemseg...I'm doing just fine.


  1. Jemseg thought you died... or even worse

  2. Visited your house by snowmobile tonight. Sad to miss the leisurologist.

  3. I know I'm late to the party, only having discovered your blog in its death throes(sp?), but this is great stuff! Very entertaining! Please keep it up!

    The world needs more leisurologists... you should consider offering lessons.

    Cheers from your friends in Freddy!