Monday, August 10, 2009

Like Dido, I've Still Got Sand In My Shoes

Quite a few years ago a female British singer called Dido released a best selling CD. This is no revelation revealed, because many successful British female singers did the same, as did many Canadian gals (Shania Twain and Alanis Morissette), and the two grand dames of saccharin-laced American balladeering (Aaron Neville, Michael Bolton).

Dido had one song in particular that resonated with my Dumbo lobes...a song called Sand In My Shoes. I don't normally go for such blatantly bubbly pop hits, but I think that I understand what she was singing about, except the part where she was lusting after some guy she met on holiday. I relate to the part about how I feel after a vacation...I think that we all do.

I know when I return from a vacation, I leave a little bit of me wherever I've been. I'm not referring to toe nail clippings, trampled foliage or illegitimate children. I leave footprints in the sand that only I'll ever see and, yes, I often bring home more tangible memories like sand in my shoes, and car.

I currently have sand in my Reef flip-flops. Reef is an industry leading footwear/surf-style clothing company with a unique marketing strategy. Some companies profit off the backs of child labour, not Reef. They profit off the backsides of young models. Their web site offers you the option of clicking on guys or gals. The guys' site features mostly scantily clad young women. The girls' site, in contrast, features mostly scantily clad young women. I believe that they also sell flip flops. If you don't have high speed internet and can't view the site, I can only say 'bummer'.

Speaking of that, I discovered that I have sand in more places than just my shoes.

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