Monday, August 17, 2009

Nothing Is Impossible, Except...

I'm hoping that this video will work, though I have little or no faith in the technology or my ability to use feels like work. Click on it and see what happens. Ideally you should see a video of my brother-in-law on his unicycle, going down my boardwalk to the shore.

I didn't try Erik's unicycle this weekend, but I have tried it before. I lump unicycling into a category which I call 'the near impossibles'. Of course I know it's possible, because circus clowns (and Erik) are doing it routinely.

I've encountered many obstacles in my life that seemed impossible at the time (juggling, enjoying Celine Dion CDs, liking the Mulroneys). I've managed to overcome all of these obstacles, except mining pleasure from anything to do with Celine Dion or the Mulroneys. Oh well, at least I can juggle.

This morning I'm going to try something that I haven't done for a long I'm going to try farming. Farming isn't really work if there's a tractor involved. I've never quite been able to shake off that childhood fascination with Tonka Trucks, so if this morning's adventure into agriculture has me sitting on a Kubota or John Deere, then I'm still in leisure mode. It's going to be 30 degrees outside today, so we'll see how I feel after my morning in the sun. I expect that I'll need to go on vacation afterwards.

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