Friday, June 5, 2009

Green Spaces For Foxworthy Animals

No, this isn't another post about Megan Fox....sorry, guys. It's about rural planning. This is the point where I lose 50% of my readership. Rural planning isn't a sexy thing to talk about, but it matters to those of us who enjoy grass and leaves under our feet.

To the 50% of readers about to leave my blog now: see you three later...thanks for visiting.

A few years ago the Mayor and Council of Cambridge-Narrows decided to purchase a 15 acre property in the middle of the village and turn it into a conservation park. A public meeting was held at the time and things got ugly. A few people whined quite loudly. A few are still whining. They're entitled to their opinions, as is Jeff Foxworthy.

It's true that the property was expensive at the time, though after three years it now seems like a bargain. Had the village not purchased the property, it would have surely been broken up into smaller lots. Much would have been lost. Here's a few images of the Pines Conservation Park through my lens...

An autumn collage:

The shoreline in late May/early June:

Bird life:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It's pretty easy, in fact quite simple, to drive past the park and think that there's not much there, but until your fat ass leaves your car seat you'd best withhold your judgement. When you spend time in The Pines you'll quickly discover that it's a gold mine of imagery. If it's not a gold mine for you, then hopefully you can appreciate what it isn't...another trailer park, a subdivision, a junk yard, a mall, a parking lot, etc.
Some people don't appreciate natural beauty (beyond Megan Fox, that is). That's quite sad because the residents of Cambridge-Narrows live in an earthly paradise. When you break away from the negative thoughts that whisper inside your head, and listen to the sound of nothing, you might find that you like it.
Imagine New York City without Central Park. Think about Fredericton without 'the green'. Sure there's lots of wooded areas and fields in the village of Cambridge-Narrows, but they're privately owned and you're not always welcome in them (watch for the signs...they might be as close as your backyard!). The Pines Conservation Parks is yours. Yours! You might be pleasantly surprised if you spent some time there.
You might be a redneck if you don't.

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