Saturday, July 18, 2009

Herbie's Love Bud

Here's a few images that I took four days ago on the grounds of the H.Erb's Herbs Corporation's world headquarters in the western highlands of the Cambridge-Narrows suburbs. Though most noted for their impressive collection of herbs, founders Sir Howard (Chairman) and Dame Marilyn (President and Chief Executive Officer) have instructed their team of gardeners to offer the visiting public a bonanza of botanical blooms to enjoy.

Head-scratching customers 'keep right' as they drive up the corporation's twisty and busy San Simeonesque approach. Parking can often be a challenge on the weekends, but the reward is always worth the effort. Valet parking can be arranged (see the tall man with the glasses).

Behind the corporation's lushly canopied, stylish blue office tower is a busy jetport. Disembarking passengers, most notably in the form of chickadees, blue jays, butterflies and bees, scatter amongst the many blossoms. The place is alive with sound and colour, abetted by the musings and insight of the noble Erbs.

Howard and Marilyn are the nicest people on earth. As high flying captains of a flourishing herbaceous industry, they're surprisingly down to earth, to the point that it's not uncommon to see them on their hands and knees, talking to the plants individually.

H.Erb's Herbs is an oasis. It's one more reason why life in Cambridge-Narrows is better than Jemseg (or Minto). Have you taken the time to stop in for a visit? Have you smelled the roses lately? Parsley? Sage? Rosemary? Thyme?

Do you know the many joys of chocolate mint?

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