Monday, September 28, 2009

Could NYC Ever Be As Beautiful As A Jemseg Swamp?

Soon I'll be trading my blushing swamp for Flushing Meadows, as in New York City. I don't expect to find any meadows in New York City, because the big apple grows out of cracks in the sidewalk. I'm going to make it my mission while in New York to document the crackpots that that walk those sidewalks. It should be easy, and fun. I'll be looking for people of colour, though ethnicity is irrelevant in my quest.

New York City and its inhabitants will be fodder for my camera, no doubt, and I intend to graze in technicolour. I can hardly wait! I'm taking Timmy with me and we've hatched an outrageous plan...hopefully we can pull it off!

But first, I must survive the gales of the North stop, Halifax. All aboard!

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