Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Still Life With Lizano And Cat's Ass

I'm at a friend's place in the Greater Halifax Metropolitan Region (okay, it's Dartmouth). We're about to have breakfast and there's been quite a lot of hype about what I'm about to eat. My morning sustenance will be breakfast burritos, something I don't normally have for breakfast but yummy nonetheless. A breakfast burrito sounds semi-exotic, though it's basically an omelette in a tortilla wrap. So why the hype?

The hype is about the special ingredient...Lizano sauce. I've never heard of it before, though that can be explained by the sheltered life I lead , by choice, in Cambridge-Narrows. Our local inconvenience store only stocks items that are made by Kraft, Nestle, or some company controlled by Coke or Pepsi, so the odds of finding something truly wonderful there is the same as finding a smile.

Lizano sauce is made in Costa Rica...a place that I'd like to visit. It's got great surfing and it's warm there. The people are well educated by Central American/Minto standards, and it's got great surfing. It also has great surfing. And Lizano sauce. I'm writing this blog before I've tried the sauce...I hope that it lives up to its billing.

Apparently the Lizanophiles of North America once came close to revolt when the importation of Lizano hit a snag and was unavailable on specialty store shelves. To put things in greater perspective, my friend who's making the breakfast burritos was introduced to Lizano sauce by an boyfriend. The boyfriend had a case of Lizano sauce but he refused to give her a bottle for herself. He's now an ex-boyfriend.

I'm just about to have breakfast now...will I be driving to Pete's Frootique to buy a case of it? We'll see.

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