Friday, October 9, 2009


Thanksgiving never starts and never ends, at least that's what I've decided.

Hear ye! Hear ye!

I think the idea of giving thanks is a good one, but let's thank the farmers for a change. I do understand that the Thanksgiving weekend is historically a time to celebrate the fall harvest, but how many of us really think of the farmers? It's ironic that professional athletes make millions of dollars per year for putting some sort of small sphere or orb, be it a basketball, football or golfball, into some sort of receptacle.

Meanwhile, a lot of farmers, those who raise the turkeys or the soybeans for your tofu turkey, are on financial life support. It hardly seems fair. If I were to ask you what was more important in your life, football (or any sport) or food, what would you say? Of course there's the odd Bud swilling sofa narwhal that would say football, but we all know that food is more important, so why don't we worship farmers? Or at least pay them what they're worth.

Hey! I have an idea....why not create trading cards that feature farmers? Not a bad idea at all...we could hand them out in the schools and kids could learn about the importance of farmers and the crops that they raise.

I'll trade my David Craw card for your Raymond Young.

No way, Raymond has potatoes, strawberries and beef...he's too valuable. He's got a woodlot too.

But David Craw grows grapes and then Sonia turns them into delicious wine. They've got value added clout.

Good point. I'll tell you what, I'll trade my Raymond Young for your David Craw, if you throw in your Howard Erb card.

No way! Howard Erb is too rare. How many herb farms are there in New Brunswick? Not many.

Yes, I think that I've stumbled onto a great idea. I'll run it by the New Brunswick Farmers Union to see what they think. Then I'll take the idea to the Department of Education and they'll give me fourteen reasons why it's a bad idea, and/or tell me that the budget won't allow it. Or will they?

We do need to celebrate and support our farmers because without them we wouldn't be reading my blog, we'd be out foraging for nuts, berries, cattails and catfish.

Imagine this scenario for a moment: there's a house in the middle of the New Brunswick woods. It's a four bedroom house, shingles on the outside painted a rich buttery yellow. Inside there's a large, open kitchen (granite counter tops, no less) that spills into the family room. There's art on the walls by some of New Brunswick's most talented artists, lit by carefully placed spot lights. A wood stove is glowing in the corner. The walls are painted a burnt orange hue. The house is charming. I makes you feel warm and happy. You go to the fridge to see what's inside and there's....drum roll please...nothing! The fridge is empty and the boards where cups live is bare. Now what?


If you had to feed yourself in the wilds, could you?


Let's thank the farmers this weekend.

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