Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rumblings Of The PhArts

The Cambridge-Narrows Photographic Arts Club (PhArts), of which I'm a card carrying member, had a meeting last week. At that meeting, our most esteemed President stepped down from his duties after a successful seven year reign.

So why did he step down?

He cited personal reasons. Apparently the role of PhArts Club President was starting to feel like work, and this guy had an aversion to work.

What was the lazy bastard's name?

Oh, as if you don't know!

Of course I know, I was just setting you up for a fall! Shall I tell them who the President was?

Sure, go ahead. Like I can stop you...

It was Ian Varty.

Yes, it's true. I resigned after seven years as President of the PhArts. I found that I was starting to spend too much time overseeing club logistics. My paper shuffling and organizational planning sessions were beginning to take upwards of two hours per month, and that was unacceptable. It was cutting into my leisure time, so I knew that I had to take drastic I retired.

I've been retired for five days now, and I've got to tell you, I'm loving it. They warned me that I'd feel lost without work, but I seem to be adjusting just fine. One of my first retirement projects was to create a blog for the PhArts club. It will be a venue for the six PhArts members to show the public some of our pictures. As the blog is in its infancy right now, there's only three images to be seen, but it will grow over time.

If you'd like to see what the PhArts are shooting, then feel free to visit our blog at You'll also see a link to the PhArts blog on the sidebar of theleisurologist.blogspot.

Now that I'm officially retired, I hope to spend more time with friends and family. I want to socialize more often. I want to do things that I couldn't do before (because of the unhealthy amount of time that I was putting into the PhArts Club). If you'd like to socialize with me, or spend some time doing something with me, please let me know. I'm as free as an eagle.

The eagle in your image doesn't look particularly free. It's got a snare caught on its toe. I thought that you said that you were "free as an eagle."

Well, I'm not one hundred percent free. No man is.

Why not?

Garbage day.


Every Tuesday morning I have to lug the week's garbage up to the end of my driveway by eight o'clock in the morning. It's hellishly hard work.

Why don't you hire someone to do it for you?

I tried, but failed miserably.

What did Wendy say when she learned that you tried to hire someone to take the garbage out on Tuesday mornings?

She thanked me for offering her the job first, then she put some thumb tacks in a bowl of oatmeal and asked me if I was ready for breakfast.

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