Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Wisdom Of Cocktail Napkins

Lately I seem to be obsessed with cocktail napkins. They're enough to drive me to drink, though I'm far more interested in the inky wisdom on the napkin than the murky clarity that comes from alcohol.

My fascination bubbled to the surface again, on Friday, December 18, at a friend's place in Halifax. He served drinks on cocktail napkins graced with a traditional Christmas image. Underneath the image was a quote by W.C.Fields, as follows:

"A Merry Christmas to all my friends...except two."

I can't explain why, but I loved that quote. I still do. Perhaps it hit close to home, almost literally. Take a look at my nice/naughty list above. The 'nice' list is not even close to being complete, but the 'naughty' list is absolutely filled up.

Last evening I was at a friend's place in Fredericton and she also had humorous cocktail napkins. Here's what hers looked like...

Why do these cocktail napkins appeal to me so much? I think that I like the idea of the oppressed housewife having a mind of her own, and a wicked one at that! I don't relate to the oppression. I am, after all, a retired house husband/leisurologist who wears no apron (or matching thong).
I have a habit of always cheering for the underdog. She feels the need to break away from her subservience, and she uses baked indifference and acerbic wit to achieve that end. To her, I raise my glass (and admire the cocktail napkin underneath).

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