Monday, December 7, 2009

Speaking Words Of Wisdom, Let It...Snow

I was euphoric yesterday morning! This is abnormal for me, because typically I'm just wildly excited to find myself alive and awake.

What made me euphoric? Snow! Lots of it. Beautiful, white fluffy snow. Without any wind it was clinging to the pine, oak, maple, poplar,

Umm, don't you mean popple, Ian?

Sorry. People in New Brunswick don't know what a poplar tree is...they only know about popple trees. So, yes, popple. I've also got ash, beech and spruce trees on my property, and they all looked magnificent with a generous vanilla snow frosting. I was inspired to take my camera out for a two and a half hour snowfari.

The Lower Cambridge Road, my snowfari route, had not been plowed and, for the most part, there were two little tire channels cut through the snow that my intrepid Ford Focus wagon followed. There was virtually no traffic, so I just stopped my car in the middle of the road and took pictures wherever, whenever, I felt like it. It was empowering. It was as though I was in the middle of one of those Christmas globes that you shake up to create a winter landscape.

The funny thing about my euphoria is that by the time April rolls around, I'll be doing a little dance to get rid of the g.d. snow. I'll do a rain dance or a sun dance, whatever it takes to get rid of the snow and bring home spring.

You don't actually dance, do you Ian?

No. It's more of a mental dance than a shoe slappin', toe tappin' Bunny Briggs kind of dance. I have, however, managed to control the weather through concentrated thought. It's just one of my many talents.

I see. Why don't you just lay down on the sofa here and tell me all about your secret world where you're able to control global atmospheric disturbances. I'll just be taking notes while you talk.

You don't actually believe that you control the weather, do you? Isn't that Cindy Day's job?

No, I don't really control the weather, I simply control how I react to it. Cloudy days are good for certain things, like close-up photography. Rainy days are a good excuse to stay indoors and read a book, or put the rubber boots on and make mini Hoover dams in the run-off.

I suppose if you controlled the weather then it would be windy every day of the week. You'd be in windsurfing heaven. Do you think you'll ever control the wind?

Of course I do!

And how might you control the wind? What's you secret weapon?

Duh! Didn't you read my blog yesterday?

Are you kidding? Your blog is so f__ing inane that I wouldn't waste my time reading it.

Well, if you did then you'd know that the secret to muffling the wind is to lay off the dried apricots. You want a hurricane? Eat a pound of them.

Why are we talking about flatulence? Aren't we supposed to be celebrating the first snow of the year?

You're right. Here's one more image from yesterday morning. This is what sparked my euphoria when I first got colourful world was black & white all of a sudden, and I loved it!

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