Friday, January 8, 2010

Arty? Yes! Vain? Hmmm.

An associate of mine, who happens to be a linguistic scholar, recently pointed out a fun web site where you can input your name, or any words for that matter, and it will generate anagrams. I type in 'Ian Varty' and it throws back 'Arty Vain'.

The web site where all of this becomes possible is called Anagram Genius ( It's quite fun. I typed in one friend's name and it rearranged the letters into 'a resonant hen'. I don't think Renate Hanson will like this, but it should make her laugh. Jean Gaudet, who was once a guest blogger for theleisurologist.blogspot becomes 'a neat judge'. He reads my blog regularly and comments often, making him truly a neat judge.

Robert Milton, my arch nemesis who ruined Air Canada, becomes 'brittle moron'. You can see why I like this web site! I have a friend called Sonia Carpenter. She's the winemaker at Motts Landing Vineyard. Her name becomes 'praise on nectar'. Appropriate for a talented winemaker!

Some names don't deliver much in anagrammatical terms, but others are astounding; take the following examples which I lifted from's web site:

"George Bush" gives "He bugs Gore", "Madonna Louise Ciccone" gives "Occasional nude income" and "William Shakespeare", "I am a weakish speller"??!

I fed 'leisurologist' into the anagram generator and it made me into 'religious lots'. Like I said, it doesn't always reflect reality, right Renate?

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