Saturday, January 9, 2010

Surfing And The Bottomless Walker

Typically I like to use the weekend blog to write about Cambridge-Narrows folks who do inane things, not unlike the Darwin Awards except nobody dies. Getting a picture to go along with the story is not always possible, so I decided to post a delicious image of Lawrencetown Beach in Nova Scotia.

So...what's been happening in Cambridge-Narrows of note? A new modular home was erected on the other side of the lake. This new house reminds me of my snowboarding tricks. I'm currently working on doing 180s with my snowboard, spinning the board half way around in the air. When this house was put on the foundation, the contractor decided that the porch should face the back field and the road.

Apparently, that wasn't the way the owner saw things. They kind of liked the idea of the porch overlooking the water, since this house was situated on a pricey piece of waterfront property. Stop the presses! Bring back the crane!! The house components had to be removed and turned 180 degrees. I doubt that was in the budget.

In other breaking news, a local man was getting himself prepared for a cold winter's day walk. His toque, jacket and mitts were all in place. He announced to his wife that he was going out for a walk. She was quite pleased that he was getting some exercise, though she wondered if he was going to put pants on before he stepped outside. Oopsie.

I plan to live in Cambridge-Narrows for a long time, but if the locals start parading down the road without their pants on, then I may have to consider changing my postal code, instead of writing about their dress code.

This is by no means a busy week for Cambridge-Narrows in terms of questionable behaviour; in fact it's quite slow here. Neither of the village idiots did anything of note. I did manage to bruise my nose while playing the guitar, but that was done out of province so it doesn't count, at least not to enhance my village idiot status.


  1. The only thing that stops God from sending another flood, is that the first one was useless.

  2. Arty Vain said....

    Would another flood be good for surfing? If yes, then bring it on! Actually, would the water come as rain, or from artesian wells? I'm not a big fan of forty days and forty nights of rain. Isn't that how Victoria (B.C.) is smited every year?

  3. As things are going in parliament, it wouldn't surprise me if the next flood came from septic tanks.

    Then we could walk on water ... no shit!