Monday, January 4, 2010

Surfing In January...In Nova Scotia

A lot of people are into UFC (ultimate fighting). None of these so called 'tough guys' were surfing today at Lawrencetown. Two girls and four guys braved two degree air temperatures, a four degree ocean, and ten mph winds, to go surfing.

I wasn't one of the six surfing (do you think I'm crazy?). I photographed them and admired their commitment to the sport. I also shivered and lost feeling in my hands (I just want you to know how I suffer for my art, too).

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  1. Okay . . . so your blog is the first one I have ever commented on. I feel like someone as young and hip as me should be more experienced with this, but I'm not.

    As far as your post . . . you had me. I was expecting to read that you joined in on the fun too. Very cool pic . . . as if Maui wasn't on my mind enough! : )