Saturday, January 2, 2010

That's (not) Entertainment!

I've enlisted my son to help me make the worst rock video ever. I think we've succeeded admirably.

There can be no doubt. No...wait a minute! William Hung's was worse.

A little background; Julian and I are progressing on the guitar quite nicely. Well, Julian is. I've decided to be the band's singer until I can get my guitar playing up to speed.

Can you sing, Ian?

No, but that's not going to stop me. Julian and I are both fans of an English band called The Jam. They've got a great song called That's Entertainment. It's doable for the two of us, because Julian can play the guitar part, and my dad's British, so that qualifies us to perform the song.

Perhaps you should watch The Jam's version of That's Entertainment before you watch our version, which we've entitled That's Not Entertainment!.


  1. I lost you at 2:28 ...

    I especially liked the non synchro lipsing, or was it lipsink ?

  2. Damn proud of ya mates...I mean "E" for Effort. And I'll give the A to the lighting crew!
    But seriously, Julie and I were howling pretty much the whole time. The falsetto helped with that uh yeah...

  3. Dear After Ego...I'm just happy that you made it to 2:28! Many died along the way.

  4. You need help of the Adam Cornelius Bentley sort.

  5. Are you suggesting that I need a drummer? Do you know if A. Cornelius Bentley is available?

  6. Unfortunately I haven't seen Mr. B in years. In any case, a drummer is always a good thing. Tempermental but good...

  7. (al)Most entertaining!