Sunday, January 3, 2010

I've Conquered Rock...Now What?

If you saw my blog yesterday, you'll know that my rock n' roll 'career' is well underway, but why stop there? Pavarotti sang a few pop ditties, so why the hell shouldn't I tackle opera?

Think about this for a second; my wife has been giving operatic voice lessons to many of Canada's up and coming young operatic professionals. Many of those lessons have been given in our sunroom, where Wendy teaches. Don't think for one minute that I've been in the back part of the house (the east wing) vacuuming and cleaning the toilet. No, I've been listening in on the lessons. Eavesdropping. I've been absorbing every note, every line, every aria. It's been like opmosis.

I've been laying dormant for seventeen years, waiting for this moment. My moment. My Susan Boyle moment in the sun.

Umm, Ian, I think you mean in the fog. And you might also mention that Susan Boyle can actually sing. Other than that, I can see the resemblance, particularly the physical similarities. I think it's the eyebrows, but it could be the midriff too.

My world debut as an opera singer has been recorded and uploaded to youtube. Am I a baritone? Or a tenor? Or a soprano? Or worse....a counter tenor? You decide. Click here to watch my debut.


  1. The LaskeyCollectiveJanuary 3, 2010 at 11:29 PM

    Two thoughts - First, so happy that Wendy's career is safe from competition from other Vartys. Second, are we correct in thinking we know why it was filmed with your face obscured by the darkness? We think we are. It is obviously not pride that goeth before the fall, but just bravery - and an appreciation of good-natured fun.

  2. Wendy has her hands full teaching you. I now know why you don't watch tv. Too much entertainment in your own living room !!!!

  3. I've now got opera and Brit rock under my belt (not saying exactly where!), so it's time to move on. I need to record videos in the following styles/genres: country & western, raggae, pop, blues and (everyone's favourite) gospel. I'm also contemplating a rap recording. Peace out.

  4. Definitely castrato. Or, if not, you should be. On a more positive note (since you didn't have any), congratulations! You have succeeded in doing what very few singers have ever done... making Yoko Ono sound melodious.