Saturday, April 25, 2009

Being Gullible

Gullible, by definition, means being easily duped or deceived.

During yesterday's photo shoot I hadn't planned on photographing seagulls. I had hoped for something exotic like a glossy ibis or a mink. I was gullible; deceived by my perceived need for something to be believed. Seagulls, like pigeons, are so common that they're almost invisible, until they leave their business card on your windshield.

One way to get noticed is to shit on someone. If you really want attention, try showering a group with 'love' from above. Shawn Graham, our premier, knows all about this. This time he's dumped on the wrong group...the people of Gagetown, the people of the lower St.John River valley, the people of rural New Brunswick. He had no idea the rural troops would mobilize as they have.

The removal of the Gagetown ferry was ill-advised. The manner in which it was proposed was just plain rude (remembering that, on March 17, our Premier announced that the ferry would be gone forever on March 31). Thanks for the heads up (which is the position we were all in when Shawn flew over). Splat!

I hope that common sense prevails with regard to the Gagetown ferry. I want to be able to look up to our provincial government in the future, not down upon them. If the ferry is terminated, a lot of us will be looking down on the government, as we fly over them.


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