Sunday, April 5, 2009

An Idiot`s Guide To Spring

Spring, for me, conjures up images of happy leprechauns chasing each other across my outrageously verdant lawn. They leap from clover to clover, four-leafing their way around my property, stopping only to taunt me with their naughty limericks. In response to their cheekiness, I rev up my lawn mower and happily chase their cantankerous little mugs back under the rocks where they belong. A warm, spring shower drives me temporarily indoors where I refuel with a bowl of Lucky Charms. Sitting at my dining room table, something outdoors catches my eye. A rainbow! There`s a commotion at the end of the rainbow...

The leprechauns are back! Get the whipper-snipper!!

I`m sure that we all have this vision in common, because I`m just like you.

But wait! It is spring here in Cambridge-Narrows yet the only thing that`s green is the mint in my Sunday morning mojito (you don`t actually think I`d drink a mojito, do you? What a jolly bad waste of good rum). I go back to my window and press my nose against the glass. There are no rainbows, the grass is diaper brown, patches of snow abound. Ack!

Spring is black and white at the moment. I don`t know where I can find any colour unless...
`Wendy, where`s my shovel? I just saw something move under that rock!`

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