Friday, April 24, 2009

President Of The PhArts Club

The greatest challenge facing any leisurologist, assuming that there are others, is finding someone with whom to play. Everyone my age has a j__, has a j__. I really struggle with that word, but I think that you know what I mean...employment. I've found the perfect solution to my dilemma...

I hang out with retirees. The benefit of hanging out with retired guys is that they make me look really young. Kidding, I am really young, it's not just a look. The real 'beauty' (I use that term literally since we're quite a group of 'lookers') is that we've, okay, they've all had interesting careers, travels and life experiences; they bring a lot to the table. I've formed a photographic relationship with five of them. By photographic relationship I mean we've formed a photographic club which meets once or twice a month. We call ourselves the Cambridge-Narrows Photographic Arts Club, aka The PhArts Club!

I hold the title of Most Esteemed President. Sometimes people call us the old PhArts Club, but I take offence to that. We're not old, we just dress that way (see image above). If you look at the image, you might wonder why there are are only four of the six PhArts in the photo. I'm not quite sure where the other two were, I'm quite forgetful. They may have just wandered off into the swamp (don't worry, they wear name tags and they're always returned). The other two had commitments, probably driving their wives to the hairdressers for a perm, or perhaps the shoot conflicted with a shuffleboard tournament. Maybe they had a World War One veterans' meeting at the Legion. Of course none of the PhArts fought in World War One, but some of their children may have.

I've arranged for a PhArts shoot this morning. We're off to photograph the wildlife along the flooded plains of the St.John River. There will only be four of our six members there today, the other two are MIA or AWOL.

Think of us as a group of pension-drawing senior statesmen who attend 66% of our scheduled meetings. And, no, we don't appreciate being compared to the Senate, we're much better looking.