Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ian Varty...Social Activist (sort of)

It takes a lot to get me riled up. This morning, in the Daily Gleaner (Fredericton's newspaper), I've got a letter to the editor. It's there for two reasons:
1) the Gagetown ferry matters,
2) I hate to see people, or governments, behaving badly.
Our government's budget, revealed in mid-March, said 'oh yea, by the way, the Gagetown ferry is gone in two weeks. We're getting rid of it'. The Gagetown ferry is essential to the Village of Gagetown as part of a tourism matters greatly. What really irks me is that Gagetown was blindsided by this announcement with little wiggle room allowed, hence the protests we've been seeing. The government is behaving irresponsibly and they will pay for it...just watch.
A few years ago, someone in my village wanted to put a marina in the lake. I like marinas, though I wasn't crazy about having one across from the lake from my house. I completely lost it when I saw the plans for the marina. The blueprint showed the dock coming out from the marina owner's shore, then doglegging left in front of the cottage next door. I didn't know who owned the cottage at the time, it didn't matter. You don't do that to your neighbours.
I hate to see people behaving badly, whether it's individuals or a government. Congratulations Shawn Graham (our Premier), you got the Leisurologist off the couch.

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