Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Wilds of New Brunswick

New Brunswick is blessed with an abundance of wildlife and whether you stumble upon it or you actively pursue it, knowing that it's out there keeps you on your toes. During the springtime, it's difficult not to see moose hanging around the edge of flooded swamps, unless of course you're driving at night. I'm completely paranoid about moose at night. I used to drive my son to school in Oromocto every day. Over a four year period I counted 28 moose, 14 of them were dead as a result of colliding with vehicles (almosty certainly nocturnal collisions). I'm not sure how the humans fared.
On a brighter note, ospreys return to New Brunswick in mid-April after wintering in places like Florida (how Canadian!). They're easy to spot as they build their nests on power poles. Snipe, the bird featured in the topmost image, are almost invisible until you see them move. They are spectacularly camoflauged.
Ah....life in the hinterland. It has its moments.

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